20.07.1994: A Grand King's Path

A Haikyuu!! fanzine focused on Oikawa Tooru, former captain of Aoba Johsai and current setter for Club Atlético San Juan.



Can a zine piece include other characters?Yes, but the focus should remain on Oikawa and emphasize his relationship with the characters if included.
Are manga spoilers okay?This zine will cover Oikawa’s journey from childhood to adulthood, so yes, manga spoilers are a-okay!
Will the zine be wholesome, angsty, or a mix?We believe that life has its ups and downs, so we aim to showcase a mix of that.
What themes will the zine be centered around? Are AUs permitted?For this zine, we’d like to stick to canon so no AUs will be allowed. As for themes, we are focusing on perseverance, passion, as well as some royalty metaphors (Grand King).


How will contributors be compensated?This will be determined based on whether or not we go for-profit or for-charity.
How many artists/writers are you looking for?This will be determined as we receive information from our interest check and finalize the rest of the team!
Would collaborations between an artist and a writer be possible for spot illustrations? (Spot illustrations refer to small illustrations scattered throughout the prose)Yes, we were actually planning to have some spot illustrations in the zine!
Will mods be able to contribute?Yes, but they will be required to go through the application process and will not be able to judge themselves.


Will we ship internationally?Yes, if we go the physical route we will offer to ship internationally. For reference, we are based in Washington, USA!

Zine Specs

  • Size: ~B5 (6.69 x 6.61)

  • Profit

  • SFW, Gen

  • Theme: Growth and Royalty


Contributor Applications10 Sept - 26 Oct
Contributor Results06 Nov - 08 Nov
Writing Concepts15 Nov
Art Concepts + Collab Sign-up22 Nov
Check-in 120 Dec
Check-in 224 Jan
Check-in 321 Feb
Finals21 March
PreordersMar - Apr
LeftoversSept - Oct

The Royal Court

  • Social Media, Shipping

  • Stardew Cookbook, HQ Match Point

  • While still relatively new to zines, Vy is determined to see this zine through as smoothly as possible. She has had prior experience handling and shipping products in school. In her free time, she enjoys napping in the sun and crying about Oikawa.

Princess Bob

  • Finance

  • Team Nekoma, Avatarots, Potions Brewbook

  • You can find Humanbob happily humming away at handiworks like zines and random-ass projects her teaching job throws at her. She and Oikawa share two same traits: they're silly and they love Oikawa (but honestly, who loves Oikawa more than Oikawa?)

Duchess Chloe

  • Formatting

  • Stardew Cookbook, HQ Match Point, New Horizines

  • Chloe has modded a total of 15 fandom events (13 zines) and has been in charge of formatting for 11 of them. In her free time, she enjoys calligraphy and is an avid fic reader.

Marchioness Liv

  • Organization

  • HQ Cookbook, Miya Twins

  • Liv has been involved in over 15 zines, either as a moderator (handling organisation / finance / shipping / etc) or as a writer. She loves classical music and fanfiction as a whole with every fibre of her being.

Countess Kipio

  • Graphic Design

  • Seasonal Kaccako Zine, Mysdeck Messenger, Mystic Cuisine

  • Kipio is an illustrator and designer who has worked as an organizer, moderator, and/or lead graphic designer for zines for years. When not zine-ing, they can be found working on their webtoon or screaming over k-dramas or webcomics.

Baroness Kiro

Application Guidelines


  • Make sure all links are working and share permissions are on!

  • Anything plagiarized, stolen, or traced will result in an automatic disqualification.

  • All contributor applicants will have to submit three works. These should be polished and fully completed. Make sure that these are your best works.

  • As this is an SFW zine, all examples should also be SFW.



  • 3 sample pieces

  • Portfolio (could be a GD Folder, Twitter moment, or anything that showcases your work in an organized fashion.)


  • We will mainly be looking at anatomy, background, colors and lighting.

  • At least one of your three pieces should showcase a detailed background (not one solid color or a fadeout).

  • A piece that demonstrates how you draw characters/elements in motion would help.

  • If you are only interested in specific positions (ie. comics/merch) then it would be helpful to have specific samples that showcases said medium.

  • Traditional pieces are allowed, but upon acceptance you will need to have a high quality scan.

  • You are NOT required to include Haikyuu characters in your application. While it may be a plus if you do, we will prefer works you consider your best over sketches/wips of Haikyuu characters.



  • 3 sample pieces

  • Portfolio (could be an AO3, GD folder, or anything that showcases all of your work in an organized fashion.)


  • We will mainly be looking at how well you can tell a story within a limited wordcount, characterisation and flow! As our zine is a gen zine (no ships involved), your portfolio may be strengthened by having more pieces of the like.

  • To give us a better understanding of your grasp on characterisation, we ask that at least one piece be a Haikyuu fic.

  • At least one piece should be no longer than 2500 words and completed.

  • All 3 fics combined should be under 8,000 words.

  • There is a leeway of 300 for the wordcount rule, but please give it a mention in the “Extra comment” question at the end of the application. Applicants who exceed the wordcount without a prior notice/approval from the mod team will have to be disqualified.